Social activities are the key objective of Gorkha Ayurved Company. Gorkha Ayurved aims to bring economic prowess to the low-income rural communities by motivating them to engage in income generating activities through the collection and cultivation of medicinal herbs.
In the beginning, French researchers proved that their assistance with the construction of the company could in turn help community groups in low-income small villages to generate income. Their survey found out that the cultivation of medicinal herbs in rural areas is one of the most viable income generating activities. Several herbs collection networks were established to acheive this objective, with the conduction of training programs, workshops, and seminars involving botanists, Ayurvedic doctors, and agronomists. These programs helped to develop the skills of local farmers and the company in developing and producing high quality products. Each group was provided with a buy-back guarantee for the purchase of medicinal plants they produced, and a fair price was given for all goods to encourage larger scale cultivation. In this way, the company helps the rural communities in generating income for their sustainable livelihood.

In addition to above, Gorkha Ayurved Company has established Community Development Centers (CDC) in many different parts of the country. These centers teach skills to community members and promotes herbs and medicinal plants in order to help generate income of community members. The company also coordinates with Community Forest User Groups (CFUG) for the identification and collection of available local herbs. The company also works with self-help groups (women's groups, local NGO's, etc.) for the development of herbs and medicinal plants collection and trade.