1.Tulasi herbal tea(100gm)


-Ocimum sanctum(tulashi)

-Cinnamomum tamala

-Zingiber officinalis

-Piper longum

-Rubia cordifolia

-Glycirrhiza glabra

-Tinospora cordifolia

Information: Gorkha Tulasi Herbal Tea is prepared from hand picked fragrant leaves of Tulasi and other natural herbs wild crafted from Himalayan region of Nepal . It does not contain  any artificial coloring, flavors, and preservatives.

Tulasi is hot in potency and pacifies vata and kapha doshas(Humours) as described in ayurveda. It is antiseptic, deodorant,antimicrobial, and expectorant. Tulasi tea is refreshing, stimulant, antiflatulent,and antipyretic. It helps to avoid accumulation of fat, makes the body light and also increases immunity to fight against respiratory problems. Those who have recurrent respiratory allergy, asthma are also benefited from the regular use of tulasi tea.

Drink Tulasi herbal tea for its refreshing, heating, and stimulation effect and specially when feeling lethargic, the weather is cold and you have cold and cough, influenza, mild fever and other respiratory problems.