VEDIC-G (100% vegeterian soap)

Vedic G Herbal Soap (100% vegetarian soap without animal fat)-

(Net weight:100gm)


Ingredients: Azadiracta indica, Artemesia vulgaris, Pterocarpus santalinus, Emblica officinalis, Bacopa monnieri, cedrus deodara, Glycirrhiza glabra etc. including 16 medicinal herbs. qs.


Vedic –G herbal soap is  unique and highly qualitative  pure(100%) Vegetarian soap processed in natural color. It contains no animal fat and any harmful chemicals. Being a herbal soap containing  high value medicinal plants , it is more than a soap, rather it is a complete skin care  formula which even fights with  germs. In Nepal, it is the first choice of physicians as a medicinal soap for treating many skin ailments like Pimples in face, Hyperpigmentaion, Eczema, Sun Burn, Boils, wounds,etc.  It can be used as a regular bathing soap for healthy skin and for natural fressness.

VEDIC-G (100% vegeterian soap)