GUDUCHI Harbal Tea

 Main ingredients: Guduchi( Tinospora cordifoila)- known as amrita in sanskrit which means nectar of immortality

Available in 4 different  tastes: i)Lemon grass taste(ii)Mint taste(iii)Ginger taste, and  (iv)Cinnamon taste


Regular use of Guduchi herbal tea ensures you and your family a better health with strong immunity, good digestive power and a balanced metabolism in the body. This tea is a remedy to those suffering from hyperacidity and gastritis problems besides it pacifies the excessive burning sensation (heat) in the body.

Ayurveda describes Guduchi as a rejuvinative and tridosha (vata,pitta,kapha) balancing herbs thus harmonizes all body functions. Guduchi contains antioxidants  which protects body cells from noxious effects of harmful chemicals and free radicals so claimed to protect from possibility of cancers . Guduchi is  also beneficial to those suffering from general debility, high blood pressure, diabetes, skin diseases,  liver diseases(jaundice),fever, rheumatic and arthritic conditions, urinary problems, obesity, peptic ulcer &other digestive problems.

This tea is made from collecting and processing naturally occurring (wild crafted) guduchi which has high healing power. This tea is free from chemical fertilizer, pesticides, and other harmful chemicals so safe to drink regularly. This doesn\'t contains caffeine unlike black tea. You feel a cooling effect from drinking this tea.


GUDUCHI Harbal Tea