Introduction -:

Gorkha Shakti-vita syrup is a unique Ayurvedic proprietary herbo-mineral formulation of reputed Ayurvedic drugs to promote general health, growth of the body, vitality and correct nutritional deficiencies for all age groups.

Composition -: Each 5 ml syrup contains-

Withania somnifera, Asparagus adscendens, Asparagus

racemosus, Mucuna prurita, Pueraria tuberosa, Glycyrrhiza

glabra and Phyllanthus emblica -                           each 200 mg


Boerhaavia diffusa, Tribulus terrestris, Tinospora cordifolia,

Zingiber officinale, Piper longum & Myristica fragrans          each 100 mg

Muktashukti & Mandoora-bhasma    -each 25 mg

Flavoured sugar syrup & excipients                                            Q.S.

Therapeutic Actions -:

This preparation is nutritive, rejuvenator, aphrodisiac, tonic with calcium & iron. It promotes general health, growth of the body, vigour & vitality; corrects nutritional deficiencies and strengthens immunity in general.

Indications -:

In weakness, debility, anaemia, loss of weight, impotency etc. & also used to strengthen immune system.

Adverse effects & Contra indications -:

Not to be taken by diabetics. d

Dosage -:

Adults: 2 teaspoonfull twice daily.

Children: 1 teaspoonfull twice daily or as advised by the physician.

Presentations -:

Bottles of 200 ml & 450 ml.